Akshay Kumar Said I Drink Cow Urine Every day

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar known for his adventure and action or comedy has revealed that he drinks cow urine every day for health.

Akshay Kumar currently in Scotland for the shotting of “BellBottom” with Vani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, and the Lara Dutta Bhupathi, joined Man vs Wild adventure with Bear Grylls telecast on 11th Sept. 2020

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Recently Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Huma Qureshi and the host Bear Grylls are on Instagram live, Where Huma Qureshi asked Akshay how he convinced himself to drink Elephant poop tea, Akshay said these are the best feeling for me and I am too excited. I drink cow urine every day because of ayurvedic reasons. So that’s is okay for me.

Akshay Kumar Man vs Wild adventure with Bear Grylls went on a wild adventure across Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka where he drinks Elephant poop tea.

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