Abdul Razack Tarawaley: A nine-year-old boy was crushed to death after being trapped in a garage door, Cause of death

A tragic incident claimed the life of a nine-year-old in Melbourne. The deceased is identified as Abdul Razack Tarawaley. 

What happened to Abdul Razack Tarawaley?

According to the reports, nine-year-old Abdul Razack and his friends were playing in the underground garage of the building on Saturday night after dinner. Around 7:30 pm, while trying to climb over the garage gate when the gate opened and crushed the kid. The incident took place on Saturday night. 

According to the father, the family had just returned to the city, and Abdul had requested his father to permit him to play only for 30 mins. 

When he found out that his son and his friends were locked above the garage door, he tried to pull down the gate, but it was too big and heavy for him. By the time the paramedics came and tried their best to save Abdul, he had passed away at the scene. 

The victim’s friend was rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition. Police aren’t sure how exactly the kids got trapped, but they don’t find the incident suspicious. 

Tarawaley describes his son as a lovely and intellectually talented person who desires to become a doctor. He was liked, and everyone knew him, stated Tarawaley. According to Abdul’s uncle, the family is furious to know that there were no safety features in the garage that could have prevented his death.

How did Abdul Razack Tarawaley die?

According to the reports, the nine-year-old kid tried to climb over when the garage gate opened, and Abdul and his friend got trapped above the garage door and were crushed to death while his friend sustained injuries. 

Tributes to the nine-year-old Abdul Razack Tarawaley:

After hearing about the tragedy of the nine-year-old Abdul Razack Tarawaley, many have poured their thoughts and more profound sadness over the tragic incident. 

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