Abdou Salaam Jammeh’s cause of death? Mr. Abdou Salaam Jammeh Passed Away

Mr. Abdou Salaam Jammeh, a former deputy general secretary of the Defaunts Gambia Football Association, died unexpectedly, leaving friends, family, and loved ones in immense sorrow. Let’s take a closer look at what happened and Abdou Salaam Jammeh’s cause of death.

How did Mr. Abdou Salaam Jammeh die?

Gambia Football Federation published the shocking news of Salaam Jammeh’s death on social media on 10 Oct 2022 in India.

Abdou Salaam died during a medical operation, according to the report. Salaam Jammeh has been suffering from poor health circumstances for several years. This news is everywhere on the internet. His family has not confirmed the reason for his death. They are now discussing the information and wish to remain silent. If his family members are relieved, they will remain to inform us of the news.

Nevertheless, Abdou Salaam was scheduled to return to The Gambia today following successful treatment and remarkable recovery. But unfortunately, he was admitted to an ICU in India yesterday and was proclaimed dead a few hours later.

 Abdou Salaam Jammeh’s cause of death?

According to the Gambia Football Federation, Abdou Salaam Jammeh died during a medical procedure.

According to sources, Salaam Jammeh’s health has worsened for several years. Medico issues have attempted to contact the victim’s family and relatives for comment on the event. Unfortunately, there have been no responses thus yet. We will update the page if we get adequate information. More details about the cause of death of Abdou Salaam will be given soon.

 Who was Abdou Salaam Jammeh?

Abdou Salaam was a professional football player representing the Gambia. He is also a member and captain of the Gambia national football team with 32 caps. Salaam Jammeh is best known as a former deputy general secretary of the Defaunts Gambia Football Association. 

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