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As we know monsoon season is almost over, the humidity, the temperature is high so we have to protect our hair from the sun, pollution, rainwater & the dust. One of the main problems for men & women is the hair wall, so always we have to think about How to Prevent Hair Loss In Men & the best treatment for hair loss. So in this article, we talk about the 7 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall In Changing Season.

7 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall In Changing Season:-

7 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall In Changing Season

1. Protect Your Hair

The first thing you have to do protect your hair from the sun, dust, pollution, rainwater and always try to keep your hair dry most part to protect your hair. Try once in a day always keep washing your head & dust remove always.

2. Don’t Skip the Conditioner

When you are using shampoo + conditioner so you have to always keep trying to wash your head with cold water when you are using conditioner and this makes the scalp cleaner.

Many people are using conditioner & don’t wash head properly, so we advise always wash clearly your head.

3. Regular Cutting/ Trimming

Cutting was the most important part to keep prevent hair loss so always try to keep trimming and better shapes. So this is also the best treatment for hair loss.

4.Control frizz

Always keep trying to hair dried, High humidity can make their frizzy so cause the hair fall.

5. Change your hairstyles

Always try something news, change the hairstyle to keep your hair safe.

6. Detangle to avoid breakage

When you are using a comb on your hair, So always try to Use wide-toothed combs to avoid detangle breakage.

7. Eat right

Fitness freak people are always passionate about their diet plan, so you have to follow a good diet always for better protein and the nutrients, vitamins, calcium. So one of the most important tips to prevent hair loss to include Vitamin A, B, C iron, zinc in your daily diet plan.

– “With inputs from Agnes Chen, National Technical Head from Streax Professional”