7 Best Ways How To Make Money On YouTube in 2022

Often, we see many videos on YouTube, which can be of a song focusing on Justin Bieber or Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, or a movie trailer. Every day, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube around the globe. It is one of the most popular video watching platforms where users spend an average of 40 minutes per YouTube session. Have you ever thought of making money on YouTube? If not, you must check this; before stating this, you must have good video editing software, a computer and the internet.

1. Earn from Ads by becoming a YouTube Partner

To become a partner, it is a simple concept where if any viewer sees (or clicks) on the ads, both you and YouTube split the fee that Google charges the advertiser. The revenue earned gets split up as 45% for YouTube and 55% for the creator.

There are many more ways too by which you can make money. One of them is by displaying ads on YouTube. When you don’t take the membership, short advertisements run for a few minutes. Also, Google AdWords are a few more examples.

You can even sell an online course based on a subject or a skill that you have mastered, or you could teach a skill relevant to your audience/subscribers through an online course. Some of the niches could be beauty and fashion, where if you have your walk-in store or business where you could use a YouTube channel and with the help of a video editor, you can drive the audience to your products.

  1. a) Sell your in-house products

If everything goes well planned and your YouTube channel has enough subscriptions, you have started getting money from it. Then you could even start selling your in-house brands too on your channel as now you have a trusted audience and a good amount of viewership which would drive traffic and make your revenue skyrocket. Also, you would be referred to by your audience, which would increase your branding and marketing.

  1. b) Funding Options

There are more ways of getting the funds from YouTube, which also includes the following:

YouTuber’s Super Chat: This feature includes live streaming on YouTube, where you can ask your fans or viewers to contribute or donate money to support your work and talent intact.

2. Try to make a longer video within an 8 to 10 minutes time frame.

There is no minimum or maximum duration formula for making a YouTube video. Still, one can make a longer video for making a reel with the help of a video editor. Increasing the video duration will directly increase the viewership on YouTube, with more and more audiences being engaged. It will increase the watch time and ultimately increase the revenue.

3. Licence your Content to the Media Houses

Once a video is in high demand, there are media houses or news channels that pay heavy and handsome money after replaying your content to their audiences. Tv news, morning shows, online news sites and other creators reach out to you about your rights to use your video, which happens to go viral.

4. Getting a good and out of the box YouTube SEO

It is essential to perform extensive keyword research, and one needs to think out of the box. That is what most people are searching for on YouTube. The keyword can also include video titles, video tags, and descriptions.

The list below are the 5 SEO ranking factors on YouTube:

  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down ratio
  • Number of Comments
  • Subscribers, after watching the video
  • Click-through-rate on the YouTube search results
  • Video length
  • Create an engaging and informative content

A video editor can come into the picture and provide their audience with the video content that they will likely watch and come again to your channel to watch them again in future too.

Google also provides video results for keywords on how to, reviews, tutorials, and funny video terms.

5. YouTube marketing funnel

One needs to optimize the search on YouTube channels for sales. It is a platform where one can spread a message, and you can make money. Following are the ways by which you could monetize:

  1. a) Collaborate with other YouTubers

It can be a great method that allows you to grow your YouTube presence and add unique content to your channel, which then opens to the world where your like-minded YouTubers with the same niche and reach out to them with a great video.

  1. b) Become an Amazon Influencer.

By doing this, you will be recognized on a global platform, allowing you to generate ample money via Amazon recommendations. When you join this program, you need to give your reviews or direct viewers to Amazon to purchase the products via affiliated links. A viewer clicks through the links that make the viewer purchase an Amazon or Flipkart product that will add a commission of 8-10% to your belt.

6. Give Review to Products or Software

You can also earn on YouTube with any products which you like which can either be software or product reviews on your YouTube channel for various companies, and you could earn money from the various brands which are seeking exposure and sales.

7. Work with Sponsorships

It is a great way to boost earnings as your earnings and viewership grow. Brands will approach you to create a video with the help of the video editor to promote their product placements.

Some brands pay exceptionally well as per the quality of your video, which will help them to achieve their sales targets or business objectives. Therefore, one needs to choose the right niche which has many opportunities. It will indirectly monetize you and involve you to be hired for highly paid opportunities to create videos for brands by your skilful video editor.